Five Ways To Locate The Missing Android Phone

Five Ways To Locate The Missing Android Phone

5 Tips on how you can locate a lost Android phone


5 Tips on how you can locate a lost Android phone
5 Tips on how you can locate a lost Android phone

Nowadays, mobile phones are a thing that people carry around in their pockets or on their hands. They can be a great storage device for lots of important personal information. Sometimes , these devices get stolen or lost. If your device is stolen lost, or misplaced, or stolen, it is among the most terrifying nightmares. There are a variety of ways to locate the lost Android Phone or iOS Device. Don’t be worried if you’ve lost your device. This article will teach you how to find your Android device that’s been lost.

Part 1: How to locate the location of a lost Android phone

Part 2 of the process to track the location of a lost Android phone using Google Account (Google Map).

Part 3: Can I track an Android Phone lost by IMEI number?

Part 4 of Tracking a lost Android phone with Android Device Manager

Part 5: Locating My Device is the Best Method to Locate Your Forgotten Android Phone


Part 1. How to Locate a Lost Android Phone on the Internet

Part 1. How to Locate a Lost Android Phone on the Internet
Part 1. How to Locate a Lost Android Phone on the Internet

TheTruthSpy is a web-based surveillance tool that is a complete smartphone tracking tool, is now available. It was created to assist parents monitor their children’s activities from afar. It can be used on any device that runs either the Android or iOS operating system. Install TheTruthSpy on your desired Android phone to have full access to the device being monitored. TheTruthSpy’s location feature lets you remotely track the position of an Android phone. You can see the history of calls and call duration on any monitored Android phone.

TheTruthSpy is not just a provider of location-based services, but it can also allow you to connect to other apps on the device. It can be used by parents to connect to other applications, read text messages, and record voice conversations. The official website contains the plug-in software. It is possible to download it and install it on your desired Android device. Once the installation is completed you’ll be able to connect to the device using TheTruthSpy’s web-based client.

TheTruthSpy is the most effective way to locate your Android phone

TheTruthSpy doesn’t offer Keylogger on Android devices. Keylogger lets you see what users are doing on the device’s keyboard. Keylogger tracks every single character that is entered by the user on the target device. This is a fantastic way to hack passwords on account targets.

TheTruthSpy provides real-time location tracking. This feature is useful in the event that your device is lost or stolen. To locate remotely the targeted device, simply click “Location”.

Record the conversation in secret If you aren’t sure of what your child might be doing during the call and want to know, you can use TheTruthSpy’s call recording feature. You can also record remotely the call on the device that you monitor, with the knowledge of the child. The voice recording will be automatically transferred to your computer when the call has ended.

Remotely capture screenshots: TheTruthSpy lets you remotely take screenshots. It operates silently in the background, capturing screenshots without creating any sound. Select Take screenshot to take the screenshot. A picture of the targeted device is then downloaded and then viewed.

TheTruthSpy lets you access social applications. TheTruthSpy is compatible with a variety of social apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Line. Just tap an app to switch to the conversation with the user you want to talk to.

Download TheTruthSpy to Track Lost Android Phone at: TheTruthSpy App

Step 1. Create TheTruthSpy Account

First, you’ll need to open a browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or others. Go to the official TheTruthSpy website. Click the “Sign up” button to sign up for an account. To complete the process, you’ll have to enter your valid email address and password. You can sign up to paid plans for access to all the features.

Step 2. Enter Information

Then, enter the teenager’s name/nickname, their age, and the mobile operating system in the wizard for Setup.

3. Step 3.

Once the above steps have been completed, switch on your desired Android device and enable Unknown Sources to download a third-party application. Settings – SecurityEnable Unknown Sources. Then, Go to https://my.TheTruthSpy.com and download TheTruthSpy plug-in for target Android device.

Step 4. Step 4.

To start TheTruthSpy Install the Apk file. Click the Sign in button to input your TheTruthSpy password and account details. Click on the “Grant” button to give permission. Click on “icon is not working I don’t require it” and then click on “Start Monitoring”.

Step 5. Track Lost Android Phone Online

Switch to the desired Android phone and then switch to it. TheTruthSpy is accessible from the mobile web browser as well as a computer.


Part 2. How to locate the location of a lost Android phone with Google Account (Google Map).


Step 1. Step 1: Download Google Maps for your device from the Google Play Store. You can also go to Google maps timeline page via web browser https://www.google.com/maps/timeline. Log in with the Google account’s email ID as well as your password. Follow the steps if two-step verification is activated.

Step 2 Step 2: To start the menu, swipe left on the Google Maps app or tap on the hamburger icon. To go to the timeline click on “Your timeline”.

Step 3: Then, select the date or month. This will appear in the upper left corner of the web browser.

Step 4: Now step, the map will show your current location , as well as the history of your location.


Part 3.


Since it is impervious to destruction and incredibly durable, making use of because it is indestructible, using the IMEI number to locate your device is an excellent alternative. Sign up on Missingphones.org to receive notifications when your Android phone is discovered.

How do you track the location of a lost Android phone by using an IMEI number

Step 1: At the first step, open web browser and open missing phones site by typing https://www.missingphone.org in the address field. There is an address field that is a text box called Search IMEI Database. In the text box, type in your Android IMEI number.

Step 2: Then step is to click “Search” to start the process of searching. The search will then scan all of the database to find information regarding your Android device. Sign up on this website if there’s no result. The account will be used to notify you in the event that your device is discovered.


Part 4. Android Device Manager: How do you track the location of a lost Android phone


Android Device Manager: How to locate the location of a lost Android phone

Step 1. Open an internet browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Enter Android device manager. You can also type https://www.google.com/android/devicemanager/ directly on address field.

Step 2. Next you need to enter login information such as the email address you use for your Google Email ID or Password.

Step 3. Google Map with your device’s location will be displayed. There are additional options like Lock, Ring, or erase.

Ring If your device isn’t close to you, try Ring mode. Ring mode allows you to play sounds for five seconds or until the device is locked.

Lock The user is able to secure the device to protect it from the theft or loss of the device. The lock screen displays the text and number you’ve added to. This can be helpful in the event that someone discovers your device.

Erase It is a good alternative if you’re worried about your device being taken or falling into the improper hands. It is possible to use erase mode to wipe all your data off of your device. It will then begin the rest process even if your device isn’t connected to internet.


Part 5.


The majority of Android devices are equipped with the Find My Device app. Google Inc. created this application to assist in locating lost devices. It is a simple and simple method to locate your Android phone.

How do you track your Android phone with Find My Device

Step 1: Open a Web browser and enter “find my Android phone” in the address box.

Step 2: Click on the “Find My Device” link. Now you will be on the Google login page. Enter your valid email ID as well as your password, then hit the Next button.

Step 3: Once the process above is complete, Google Geo Maps will be opened with the location of your device. There are a variety of choices, such as Ring Lock, Ring, or erase.

Ring In the event that your device is damaged or lost it is a good alternative. To get the maximum volume, just tap the device.

Lock: It’s happened that your device was taken or lost. Fingerprints and passwords can be used to protect your device. To secure your device, click on Lock. Enter a password and an email. They will notify you if they discover your device.

The majority of people are worried about losing their personal information, instead of their smartphones. Smartphones are filled with valuable and personal information. When your smartphone connects to the Internet, you are able to utilize Erase remotely to erase all of your data.

Notification The device must be enabled Find My Device on the lost device prior to this process will work.

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